Ælfhood.org is a platform to share some parts of The Ælfhood Mythos, a body of work composed to assist with shifting the genetic curriculum on the planet. This collection includes multidimensional content including stories, poetry, spoken word, philosophy, games, books and novels, art, codes, and other creations. A small fraction of The Ælfhood Mythos will be uploaded in early 2018, and further content in the coming years.

The Ælfhood Mythos is a composition that is, mythologically speaking, found in the Ælven Wing of the Helix Library. This Source Version is a translation coded to wing the Higher Mind and quarantine the lower mind, using the compass of the heart and the alchemy of breath.

We support the actualization of human potential and the manifestation of each human’s genius. The realization of each human’s inner potential will set off a chain-reaction of consciousness, as each of us who are living with our full blueprint activated will catalyze others to free themselves from the coded chains of ancient mental cages, thus supporting the now occurring reality shift towards the approaching golden age – that is, a world in harmony.


To catalyze sovereign entity consciousness, foster conscious self-mastery, spotlight heart coherence, and key particular perceptions and emotional orientations that if used like wings, can dismantle the cages we live in and free the human mind-body system from its negative precedents, patterning and programming. Through the catalytic inspiration of the high imagination, we offer new templates, new ways of being and perceiving, and new models of our fundamental selves.

We contribute to the human family’s shift towards a more intelligent reality, for the benefit of all beings.


We support the transformation of humanity’s limitations, shadows, challenges, and hells, into new forms. New patterns, templates and models can change both personal lives as well as our collective expression.

We are here to support the shift from enslaved, limited, suppressed humans, to whole, alive, aware Sovereigns capable of supporting self and other in a planetary ecology of interacting life-forms.

We envision Earth entering the golden age within the next several generations, as each person incarnated begins to take responsibility for their share of the darkness and densities that have accumulated on the planet over millennia of conflict, polarity, war, slavery, suppression, disinformation, trickery and illusion. As each person begins to heal themselves, take responsibility for their own emotional calcifications, purify their physical bodies, cohere their emotional bodies, free their minds from negative patterns and programs, master the ability to choose which timeline one is supporting, and emit kindness, love and harmony, the old systems of torturous suppression will become open to change, re-modification, and re-organization. Each human who becomes a Sovereign Entity (however you wish to define or name this state) will catalyze others to reclaim their own power, and a fractal catalyzation will network across the planet.

We are here to contribute to the shift towards a love-based world. Through Camp Heartwood Mystery and this website we offer a range of unique opportunities, content, codes and experiences that assist others to realize their own Sovereignty and de-couple themselves from the controlling aspects of the suppression matrix.

There is a new intelligence seating itself on our planet, and it is our active desire to align with, and assist others to align with these new fields of intelligence.

We support new forms and creations across all endeavours, structures, systems and disciplines and will be assisting in the creation of new forms of education, politics, green building and architecture, community structures, economic and financial systems, language, social platforms, and many others.