Heartwood is the home of some members of the Ælven tribe. Located on a wilderness acerage in Ontario, near Bancroft, it is the centre from which we are nurtured and grow. It is the home of select Sovereigns committed to self-realization and serving all interested humans in freeing themselves from the suppression matrix.

Located at the heart of Nature and close to thousands of acres of protected wildlands and provincial parks, Heartwood offers space to reconnect with Plant, Animal and Elemental Intelligences including Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Akasha, Light, and Sound, and it offers space for de-programming, realization, and play.

More than anything, Heartwood is a place to offer Silence and space, so that we may de-activate the gravity of the suppression matrix and the human mind system’s indoctrination and move towards realizing the Sovereign Entity state of consciousness, which in plain-speak, is a human who has become liberated from the illusions inflicted by mental programming. We offer space for us to become the S-elves of our heart’s imagining.

Here we grow food and harvest wild edibles, meditate with the Trees and Old Turtle, form foundations, build frames, destroy them to re-build different frames, and offer healing, facilitation, education, co-creation, space and silence to ourselves and others. Here, we create forms of intelligence designed to uplift and support.

Here at the Heart of the Wood, we realize our S-elves.

Situated in the wild, rugged, and startling land on the edge of the Canadian Shield to the north, and the edge of the St.Laurence Lowlands to the south, the sanctuary and home of Heartwood is a biodiverse ecosystem that includes forest, pond, fields and cliffs. The ecology is highly diversified and is home to many species whom we consider our Friends and guides, including Oak, Birch, Pine, Giant Water Bug, Catfish, Dragonfly, Water Snake, Moose, Wolf, Bear, Lynx, Turtle, Treefrog, Nuthatch, Kingfisher, Wolverine, Raven, Chickadee, Dogbane Leaf Beetle, Racoon, Heron, and thousands more.

Heartwood is a place to reconnect with the intelligences of Earth; the spirit of the Heron, the tricky laughter of Crow, the industry of Beaver, the playfulness of Otter, the mastery of Mosquito, the alertness of Deer, the faith of Chickadee, the guardianship of Dragonfly, the embrace of Forest, and the Questing of Owl.

Other Humans (and some Ælves) will join us to reclaim their place as the humblest of earth sovereigns, and at times, Heartwood will offer invitations to resonant humans who have demonstrated their vibratory harmlessness.